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Comp Chart For All Positions.



For each completed full payment you will receive your purchased advertising package for that level to help you post your ads throughout the site.

And as you can see, taking a simple $5 and paying $1 to each member gets you in the door to earn up to $140,580 from a total of 3,905 sales. The same people that followed you in the starter level will also follow you to the Giver Ultimate level because every member gets help to build their network. No one is ever standing alone advertising. The spill over and spill under ensures success of each member as a whole.

The Giver Supreme (Below) is a special ad board for those that just want to make extreme money. When you reach this level of income, you have truly mastered this website. We Congratulate You, on a job well done! And invite you and your team to create your next account to start your earnings all over again! And since your team is already established, earning would be much , much faster!

The Giver Supreme *Special Edition*

A great feature is you do not have to settle for doing just one level at a time. You can do just one or all 5. I would start with the starter level and helper level together than move to the Giver level once I earned enough funds from the other two. Then move on to the Ultimate Giver level from there.