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Congratulations! On finding this website. You are here by referral or by luck. Either way you are about to embark on a wonderful financial journey because you will receive Quality Advertising of your products and/or services using banners and text ads plus help to grow your income from marketers all over the world!

This site was created by marketers for marketers! Too many times have marketers like us try to make money online only to fall very, very short. Either it was a scam, product was not in high demand, or just plain and simple not being marketed properly which can also lead to low sales. When you first start searching for an excellent way of making money online, you are being bombarded with lots and lots of ways – easy money schemes that claim to be very powerful, especially if you want to get rich easily. Bottom line, there is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick". You can make money fast but you will never get rich quick!

What is Giving-Hands about?

Giving-Hands.com is a site that focuses on marketers advertising for their special programs while building their income to help out financially. Whether you earn money for groceries, pocket change, pay bills, or even your dream car or house you've always wanted (car and house depends on how long you are in the program!), as a member you are guaranteed that you will earn money direct to you. We provide member to member services to eliminate the high fees of multiple payment processing and the turn around time for requesting withdrawals.

How does Giving-Hands work?

Each marketer upon successful registration is considered an "Independent Affiliate" of GH. There are 30 levels of advertising packs that you may purchase one at a time, level by level. As you complete each selling level you will go higher up the earning income ladder or if you can choose to purchase higher ad pack before selling level complete. Each level consist of a mini 2 x 3 pay formula to help you cycle through the levels faster. Included in this formula is also a company forced spill over method that also adds to the stability of the pay structure and to make sure no one gets let behind. Each level purchase gives you more banner and text ad credits to market your products and services to the entire list of members here at GH. These purchases also grant you the opportunity to earn a massive income from each level. See Comp Chart Here.

As a member of Giving-Hands you work with a complete team in your network whose main focus is to build each others income through ad sales and invitations to the affiliate program. This is a very simple system to assist members to acquire the income they have sought after since the start of their online marketing career.  You pay a simple registration fee of $3 per month, which covers the cost of your monthly advertising package and all it's promotional materials. 

This is the gift that keeps on giving!

We wanted to give those who are struggling, a way to earn an income due to any circumstances that maybe preventing them from achieving their dreams. **THE SECRET** to making this site work for you is to make sure to refer a minimum of 2 people who can also refer a minimum of 2. This will trigger an avalanche of income to follow.

Join today and see how easy it is to earn massive amounts of income selling advertising packages to your fellow marketeers!

Features/Benefits Of Giving-Hands

  • Low start up of only $3 per month
  • Direct member to member payments
  • Need only a minimum of 2 people referred
  • Multiple payment options to members
  • Viral Income
  • Viral list building
  • Quality Advertising
  • Easy to duplicate



How To Register:

  • Sign up below and follow detailed instructions